19 Avril 2020 - Stage Boxe de Rue - Robert Paturel - Bari - Italy
01 Jan 2019 05:00
19 Avril 2020 - Stage Boxe de Rue - Robert Paturel - Bari - Italy
5-6-7 June 2020 International Ikmi Summer Camp - Italy
03 Jun 2019 05:00
5-6-7 June 2020  International Ikmi Summer Camp - Italy
From 10 to 15 May 2020 - Tour and Training - Israel
01 Jan 2019 05:00
From 10 to 15 May 2020 - Tour and Training - Israel
24-27 April 2020 - Close Protection Course - Vienna
01 Jan 2019 05:00
24-27 April 2020 - Close Protection Course - Vienna


This institute was founded in France in 1999 by professionals in the field of security in business. IKMI is currently represented by M. Antonio Monsellato.
The training system adopted is based on both regular courses and modular courses and seminars that allow you to apply relatively quickly, learned techniques and develop and expand your skills and competences over time.
Physical, technical and psychological training is solely entrusted to teaching staff with proven experience and professionalism.
The training developed by IKMI allows every person, man or woman to acquire the necessary skills to intervene and to act in an appropriate manner in the face of dangers, threats and aggression.
With the most up-to-date training methodologies, training programs developed by IKMI are based on instinctive learning and reactive stimulation and are carried out through simulation of real situations.

Courses are dedicated to the personal safety requirements in civilian environments and programs are addressed to professional security workers (Police and Military). Courses are designed to provide the technical and psychological preparation needed to respond appropriately to dangers, threats and aggressions in complex circumstances and high levels of stress.

The training is dedicated to those who work professionally in hostile and high-risk environments and are organiseed to provide, through situational analysis and simulation of intervention modes, superior defensive tools, offensive techniques in hand-to-hand combat  and operational ability in security and anti-terrorism modalities: single, couple, team. The training system adopted is based on modular courses that allow the techniques learned to be applied relatively quickly and to develop and expand their skills and competences over time.
IKMI develops whole training programs with courses, intensive and specialized classes, seminars for the application and practice of Krav-Maga in its various applications.
The athlete reaches this course after achieivng the fifth level, which in terms of time means about 5 years!
But it is still not enough, with the fifth level the aspiring can compete "only" for the Assistant Instructor training course! In order to gain access to the Instructor Training course, the instructor must have a minimum continuity of 1 year as Assistant. During this year he will have to do a internship. The internship year (free for the aspirant!) focuses on teaching methodology, both theoretical and practical, as it will be asked each time to prepare a lesson and to teach the chosen techniques, always under the tutor's guidance. In this way, at the end of the internship, the aspiring instructor will be able to deal with the training course that will primarily serve him to give him the latest information about the teacher's profession that from our point of view, as well as being a good technician, he must be above all an educator.
Therefore, the training for the IKMI Krav Maga instructor  lasts one year and sometimes even more
Knife techniques              Knowledge, use and defense against threats and aggressions.
Woman Krav-Maga         Female defense with female instructors.
Police Krav Maga             Operating Techniques and Specialist Training Reserved for FF.PP.
Kapap                                    Operational Techniques and specialized training reserved for FF.AA.
Third Defense                   Krav Maga applied to third party protection
Ground Defense                Defense  from a difficult position on the ground
Kids Krav Maga                  Start-up for personal defense for younger and teenagers
Technical Baton                  Defense, Control
Ikmi Shooting Defense    Techniques - Israeli Shooting Techniques.
Personal Defense Psychology - Psychophysiology - General Psychology - Social Psychology - Communication - Emotions -    Stress and Panic. Over the years, Ikmi has had (and still has) collaborations with several school institutes, where instructors teach personal defense during the curricular hours, in collaboration with the physical education teachers. These courses are aimed at both girls and boys. Together with teachers and Principals, even the anti-bullying issue is taken on with the planning of meetings and seminars with our instructors and our psychologists.
In several municipalities, Ikmi is contacted to manage local police training. Ikmi is also contacted to train some private companies drivers. Indeed, never like at this time, there has emerged the need for staff to have had a conflict management training and who can defend, without causing violence, their own safety and that of users. Never before at this time, there was the need to have the staff that has made a conflict management training and who can defend his own safety and that of others without escalating into violence.
FIKBMS - National Federation recognized by the CONI that deals with the Krav-Maga sector.
FFKDA - French Karate Federation and Associate Disciplines - It is a French state institution that recognizes the Ikmi Krav Maga. Since 2009, FFKDA has organized several Krav Maga seminars in France where he invited the Ikmi Experts. On April 2, 2017 at the invitation of FFKDA, Ikmi participated in the 2nd International Open of Krav Maga with a strong delegation of 52  Ikmi athletes (italians and foreigners). Ikmi was also present with 5 referees.
IMI ISRAEL - ACADEMY FOR ADVANCED SECURITY & ANTI-TERROR TRAINING - IMI is an Israeli government institution with which Ikmi has a collaborative relationship. Indeed, instructors and Ikmi Experts regularly go to perfect their technical knowledge but also to deepen what is the professional application of Krav Maga in real situations.
WINGATE INSTITUTE (Israel) - National State Training Organization of Israel. Krav-Maga Instructor Training Institution recognized by the State of Israel. Its experts are all graduates of the Wingate Institute, some of them also have a degree in "Senior Instructor".
WFKM: Ikmi is among the founders of the World Federation of Krav Maga, based in Georgia and Israel.
SPORT ACADEMY (Tel Aviv) - National Sports Training Institution recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Sports. Ikmi has an ongoing convention for training Krav Maga Instructors in Israel with Ikmi instructors.
World Security & Self Défense Academy - Private Israeli security training body.
KORE UNIVERSITY OF ENNA (Italy) and I.S.F.A.R. (Advanced Educational and Research Systems Institute): Ikmi has a Memorandum of Understanding for conducting personal defense programs for near-graduates in physical education. In 2011, Ikmi organized a one-week training course at the University for its own instructors for learning teaching methodologies to young people with the following professors:
PEGASO TELEMATIC UNIVERSITY - an ongoing agreement recognizing the training credits of its stages from the Pegasus Telematics University.
OTAN Accreditation Born AMO 15
ONU UN Certification: UNGM 257921
IKMI received by the Ministry of Defense and the UN codes that certify the quality of training services in the field of self-defense, professional defensel and / or training in these areas.
The OTAN AMO 15 code gives ICMI a quality standard for the provision of services to OTAN Bases in Italy, the US Government, and the provision of services and contracts with the National Defense OF OTAN Countries.
UNGM 257921 certification also allows IKMI to provide its education and / or training services, with Ikmi instructors, to all organizations that are affiliated to the United Nations or who act on behalf of the United Nations.
NORFOLK BASE - VIRGINIA (USA) - Since 2012, Ikmi with its Expert holds specialized courses and internships at Krav Maga at the Norfolk Base
2nd REP (REGIMENT ETRANGER PARACHUTISTES) FOREIGN LEGION - For several years Ikmi has been called with his own Experts to hold Stages at the 2nd Leg of Foreign Legion Base in Calvi. The report intensifies every year, to the point that a military training instructor Ikmi is scheduled for the legionaries of the 2nd REP.
16th STORM - AIR FORCE - Martina Franca: In addition to having an agreement with the 16th Flock, Ikmi also has the training of their Krav Maga military instructors since 2015.
RAPHY ELGRISSY - Elgrissy was one of the first instructors of IMI, the founder of Krav Maga, who also gave him the 5th Dan in Netanya in 1998 shortly before his death. Ikmi has been organizing for several years with Raphy Elgrissy courses and seminars both in Italy and Israel (Netanya). It was also the first organization to make Raphy Elgrissy come for the first time in Italy (Rome) in 2010, for a full course. Raphy Elgrissy himself complimented the technical level and the quality of the training of Ikmi instructors.