28-29 Septiembre - Special Stage Krav Maga Ikmi Barcelona - Spain
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28-29 Septiembre - Special Stage Krav Maga Ikmi  Barcelona - Spain
26-27 October 2024 3rd World Championship - Paris
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26-27 October 2024  3rd World Championship - Paris
1-2-3 November 2024 - Capital Conquest - Ikmi Wkf - Ottawa - Canada
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1-2-3 November 2024 - Capital Conquest - Ikmi Wkf - Ottawa - Canada
4-8 December 2024 Africa Summer Camp Ivory Coast
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4-8 December 2024  Africa Summer Camp Ivory Coast

The Female Anti Aggression Techniques

Women, unfortunately, are a privileged target for the aggressors. There are different types of violence, each with different seriousness:
- Verbal violence;
- Violence against violence;
- Moral, psychological violence;
- Physical violence.
These findings reveal that women must not only learn to defend themselves against a single type of aggression, but different types of violence, different
from each other. The strong points of defense for women have to be:
Thanks to thematic trainings, woman can remote the stress due to the lack of knowledge in this field.
- Decreasing the threshold of scruple. The proposed defense techniques are simple and effective, they are based on  instinctive movements but that are not spontaneous. In fact, our survival instinct is lost with social conditioning. However, in extreme cases and when politeness, humor, escape, or other forms of response that allow us to avoid
conflict,are not enough, legitimate and proportionate aggression remains the only valid answer. At this point it is necessary to know how to go beyond its own inhibitions in order to maintain physical integrity in case of attack.
Managing stress and fear
Training with a punching ball is not the same as physically responding to an aggression. The stress of the situation, the fear, the resulting high cardiac  rhythm, can paralyze a person both verbally and physically. We can manage  stress and have confidence in ourself, in our own gestures thanks to repeated  exercises/movements that become fixed in precision and effectiveness  because they are simple and natural. This kind of workout  will help to make the right movement at the right time, even in the event of stress.
- The natural weapons of the female body
Appealing to the peculiarities of the female body morphology (elbows, nails...) and the attitudes of women (synchronization, fluidity), specfic techniques will be learned  by women to know how to defend themselves and how to counterattack in a simple and natural way. At any time complicated or projection techniques will be thaugt that are
hardly applicable in reality.

- Use of the surrounding environment, tools
Managing the surrounding environment can be a valuable help. Learn how to use, in case of aggression, all the objects that are at your fingertips like: shoes  heels, handbag, pen, keys, tweezers, a ring, perfume and many more, through  simulations in known environments (street, car ...).
We remain firmly convinced that the best female defense remains verbal affirmation and that the ideal is to avoid physical confrontation by all means. That is why we consider it fundamental to study the attitudes to be taken to neutralize a conflict and to avoid that a verbal futility degenerates into a physical confrontation. The principle is to have an attitude of observation and anticipation. However, once the conflict is triggered, the response must be quick, strong, and professional.