Tuesday, 19 September 2023

16 September 2023 - Award Gala - Rome

Finally, on Saturday 16 September 2023, the award ceremony was held at the Ostia Antica Park Hotel in Rome.
This award ceremony was to be organised in 2020 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of Ikmi. Unfortunately, Covid prevented us from doing so.

With this meeting, we wanted to present those present with an official act recognising the merit and exceptional contribution they have made over so many years to Ikmi, both regionally and nationally and internationally, both as competitions and as courses and internships held all over the world by our Experts.
Among the award-winners were all the athletes who have distinguished themselves in TKM competitions over the years, achieving remarkable results in each event, such as the Paris Open and the European Championship in Florence to name but two. Many of them have won in difficult competitions, overcoming even more experienced athletes and climbing onto the highest podium.

Also present were all the regional referents, the Experts, the teachers and the fantastic 'Woman Krav Maga' team, whose commitment and skill has greatly increased the female representation within Ikmi.

Finally, we would like to thank some of our contacts abroad who came especially for the event from: USA, Spain, Germany, Austria, Martinique, Reunion Island, France, Luxembourg, Ivory Coast.

After reading out the reasons for the commendation, they were presented with a certificate with a beautiful badge that will testify to their attachment to Ikmi forever.

This recognition was our way of expressing appreciation and gratitude for the commitment and excellence shown by the awardees.

The evening continued late into the night in the hotel restaurant, where conviviality and good humour took over an evening that was in some ways also full of emotion.

A big thank you to all participants.

Ad Maiora Semper

A. Monsellato


Tuesday, 19 September 2023