Tuesday, 28 March 2023

25 - 26 March 2023 - Krav Maga Open in Toulouse - France

Great competitive performance for our athletes in the French Open organised for the occasion of the French Championship in Toulouse.
Ikmi was present with two delegations, one Italian led by Massimo Panerai and the Austrian delegation led by Spomenko Kovacevic.
Congratulations to the athletes and especially to the coaches! And this is just the beginning…

Austria Medal Winner
Mateo Kovacevic/Artan Trencsanyi - TKM Senior Category - Silver Medal
Mateo Kovacevic - Krav Maga Free Fighting - Senior Category over 93 kg - Gold Medal
Artan Trencsanyi - Krav Maga Defense Fighting - 70 Kg Category - Gold Medal

France Medal Winner

Ganci Giovanni - Krav Maga Combat - 85kg Category - Silver Medal

Patrick Fruminet - Krav Maga Combat - 75kg Category - Bronze Medal

Italy Medal Winner
Fontanelli/Melani Veterans Category Bronze Medal
Lippi/Pignolo Female Category - Bronze Medal
Melani/Kuni Senior Category - Bronze Medal
Lippi/Corvaglia - Mixed Category - Bronze Medal
Melani/Pignolo - Mistra Category - Gold Medal
Corvaglia/Panerai - Veteran Category - Gold Medal
Corvaglia/Panerai - Open Category - Gold Medal

Tuesday, 28 March 2023