Tuesday, 14 June 2022

9-12 June 2022 - Ikmi Summer Camp - Italy

Great participation in this 2022 edition of the post-Covid Summer Camp.

Four days of training, fun and the pleasure of being all together. From Thursday to Sunday, there were workshops with our experts and instructors, but also exams for assistant instructors, Krav Maga 1st level instructors and instructor level exams. Everything took place in a serene atmosphere, which did not let the physical commitment invested by each of the participants show at first glance.

Many hours of training during the day and night and early morning engagements put the participants' physical endurance to the test. Especially after a few long evenings of particularly 'sporty' and animated foosball challenges!

Thanks to all participants who confirmed with their presence their attachment to Ikmi and its values.

Indeed, not even the bad weather could do anything against the desire to be there and participate.

Thanks to all those who made this summer camp possible with their participation.

The regional contact persons

Moreno Bedin, Giuseppe Mighali, Fabrizio Cianfarini, Marco Chieregato, Vincenzo Fiore, Carmine dello Russo, Giovanni Cocco, Giovanni Buzzurro and Giuseppe Veltri, Dario Leonzi, Mauro Labita.

Our international experts:

Francesco Furchì, Matteo Moreo, Massimo Panerai

Our national experts:

Mauro Labita, Dario Leonzi, Moreno Bedin.

Our foreign experts who managed to be present:

Olivier Decoster France, Spomenko Kovacevic Austria, Marco Tedesco and Peter Taubert Germany, Michael Attias Switzerland, Mirza Malkocevic Bosnia, Cedric Laouani Luxembourg, Franck Kulichenski president association Metz - France, to Stephane Abenelang Nti referent Ikmi in Africa.

To our Women group

Gilda Giorgini, Katrin Taddeo, Rosa Napolitano, Tiziana Pecoraro, Daniela Bonsignore, who as always spared no effort in proposing defence techniques suitable for a female audience, receiving nothing but praise.

To the Examination Boards

For assistant instructors: G. Mighali, G. Giorgini, A. Barone.

For 1st level instructors: M. Bedin, R. Procida, K. Taddeo.

For level instructors

M. Panerai, V. Fiore, R. Trinca and M. Labita.

To the instructors who attended:

Giuseppe Veltri and Giovanni Buzzurro: Spray OC; Dr. Filippo Cecconi: elements of first aid; Paolo Fantini: Functional; Alessandro Barone: advanced fluid combat.

To the experts and instructors who took part in the instructor update:

Dario Leonzi, Alberto di Giovanna, Paolo Olivieri - "Close Protection".

Francesco Furchì, Pasquale D'Urso, Spomenko Kovacevic - "Shooting in Third Party Protection".

Massimo Panerai, Moreno Bedin and Marco Tedesco - "CQB".

Matteo Moreo, Vincenzo Fiore, Cédric Laouani - "Vip Defence Techniques".

Activities performed:

CKM - TKM, Female Anti-Aggression, Krav Maga, Restraint Techniques, Defence Techniques with OC Spray, Kapap, Close Protection, Military Krav Maga, First Aid Elements, Military Intervention Activities, Baton Techniques, Tactical Knife, Functional Training For Strenght, Gun Defense, Krav Maga in Water, CQB, Shooting, Third Party Defence, etc.

Finally, special thanks for all the administrative work carried out, both in the preparatory phase and directly on site, to Gilda Giorgini, Dario Leonzi and Chiara di Giandomenico, a now long-standing team, without whom it would not be possible to organise the summer camp so effectively.

Appointment for the next summer camp 2023, which will take place from 8 to 14 June 2023, again at the Villaggio Lido D'Abruzzo in Roseto.

A. Monsellato

Tuesday, 14 June 2022