Ikmi International Summer Camp 2020 - Italy

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Date: 27/08/2020 00:00

Venue: Italy

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Dear friends,

in the past few weeks, we have experienced a pandemic which forced billions of people into isolation.

It has claimed thousands of lives in Europe and around the world. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that some of our athletes and / or instructors have been affected in one way or another by mourning for this cursed virus.

In light of these considerations, I think it is wiser to cancel all of our activities until the end of June, including the internship in the United States and to move our summer camp to

from 28 to 30 August or from 4 to 6 September 2020

I am in contact with the Tourist Village to set the best date for them together. In all cases, it will be decided before April 15.

Of course the program will be the same, that is to say from

August 24 to 28  or from 31 August to 4 september, Instructor Training Course and then participation in the Summer Camp and level exams.

This decision is necessary for several reasons:

respect for the grief suffered by many families; give us time to slowly return to normality, allow the economy to recover, regain serenity and confidence from an emotional point of view.

These two or three months of crisis will undoubtedly leave traces ... The summer camp is planned in two months, if we respect this date, many of us will not be able to be present.

And what summer camp would it be knowing that we risk dropping a lot of our people? There is no question of this happening. We are a family and that's how it should stay!

Good luck to all of us and in any case keep in touch. For my part, I will send you all the updates concerning the next sports year and which could interest you.

Be carefull

A. Monsellato

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