1st European Krav-Maga Championship - November 18th 2018 - Florence

This event will remain in the history of Krav Maga as a fundamental step towards its affirmation in the agonistic field.

Not even the French Karate Federation has reached many consents and many adhesions to the three editions of the Paris Open.

There are many interesting challenges that will await us from this point of view, both in Italy and abroad.

This Championship has seen the participation of numerous countries such as: Italy, France, Principality of Monaco, Austria, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Island of Martinique with the total participation of 200 athletes.

A heartfelt thanks to all the Organizing Committee that by accepting to host this event in Tuscany was immediately aware of the responsibility towards which they were meeting and that the eyes of many countries were focused on them and automatically on all of us.

Thanks to everyone, the referees, the technical staff, the instructors who prepared with great sacrifice and accompanied their athletes, to Massimo, who with his experience made the event take a professional role, to Vincenzo Fiore for the contribution to the drafting of the Arbitration Rules, Vincenzo Corvaglia, Andrea Mechini, Roberto Trinca, Giulia Lippi, Riccardo Soderi, Maria Luisa Cerretelli,

From France to Jacques Serfati representing FFK, Eric Benhamou, Raymond Holle, Tony Dos Santos, Olivier Decoster, Nathalie Requier, Marc Fesler for coordination, from Austria to Spomenko Kovacevic, from Martinique to Jean-Emmanuel Emile, William Gaschet, Olivier Auguste, from Israel to Gaby Michaeli, Palombo Shabtay, Rafel Baruch, from Russia to Shestopalov Aleksei, Melor Gvaliya, from the Principality of Monaco to Claude Pouget, from Belarus Alexey Vilkin, from Italy to Matteo Moreo, Giiuseppe Mighali, Moreno Bedin, Savarese Roberto, Labita Mauro, Vincenzo Lillo, Giampiero Maggiore, Fabrizio Cianfarini, Alessandro Barone, Giovanna Saponaro, Argentieri Giuseppe, Vincenti Vincenzo, Filippo Cecconi and many others...

Now the result is there for all to see, many appreciations come from all over the world, and many have already booked for the next Championship, which will probably be held in Paris.

Finally, a special thanks to Roberto Natrella, the blind guy who made the special trip from Bari with his instructor Giulio Carvutto for a beautiful lesson in life and their trainer Francesco Furchì.

Niccolo's father was brutally killed in Barcelona by delinquent Chechens who, with his composed testimony, led us to reflect how some energumenes still manage to escape justice.

To the flag-wavers of Florence who entertained the public before the finals as they used to do in tournaments.

To all of you all, athletes, instructors, referees, indistinctly THANK YOU!

A. M.